Renaturation Concepts

The renaturation of construction sites, technical installations, traffic systems and other facilities is part of our civilization. Limited life span of buildings, signs of wear on buildings, obsolete standards for technical facilities, installations and systems that are not used anymore – the grounds for renaturation are manifold.

The renaturation does not always mean the complete demolition of a given building; it can be performed also by reconstruction and maintenance measures. However, there are always old building materials and residual waste materials which, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and rules, must be either utilized or disposed of.

The material characteristics of a given building determine essentially the financial costs of the renaturation and thus those of the entire construction project related to it. The careful taking out, processing and sorting are legally established requirements and can make an essential contribution to the optimization of the costs of the renaturation.

Services of GTPro Geotechnologie GmbH
  • Development of renaturation concepts.
  • Examination and utilization of the buildings with respect to their material composition, parts of different building materials and environment-relevant impurities and pollutants.
  • Preparation of pollutant registries.
  • Project management, project control and quality monitoring of the renaturation.
  • Development of disposal and reuse concepts in accordance with the waste disposal laws, economic recycling regulation as well as regulations based on the federal and state legislation.
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