Oil / Natural Gas

The oil and the natural gas belong to the most important traditional energy raw materials. However, they are very important not only for the production of heat, electric power and fuel. The hydrocarbon compounds are a fundamental raw material for the chemical industry and are closely linked to our life. Electrical industry, medical technology, pharmacy, textile industry, construction industry, environment technology, … , there is no area in which they are not represented.

The careful handling of these valuable, but also limited raw materials becomes further increasingly important in the future. The geology has the role, along with proving of new oil/natural gas resources, to qualify and increase the extraction of the raw materials from the deposit which are already in the process of exploitation.

Services of GTPro Geotechnologie GmbH
  • Consulting services in the areas of mining planning, exploitation control and exploitation prognosis.
  • Evaluation of the gas and storage tests.
  • The structural-geological and lithological evaluation on the basis of special geological maps, geophysical research results, drilling data, bore logs and bore hole measurement results.

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