Examination / Assessment


Brownfield sites examination and preparation of expert reports for owners, investors, authorities.

Examination and valuation of plots and location sites in accordance with the Federal Soil Protection Act (BBodSchG) and the Water Act.

Examination of the ground and the ground waters in accordance with the Federal Soil Protection Ordinance (BBodSchV) and the land-use evaluation criteria.

Preparation of expert reports for the authorities, investors, owners.

Valuation phases:
  • 1. Location research.
  • 1.1. Historical-descriptive research.
  • 1.2. Multi-temporal aerial view evaluations.
  • 2. Orientation studies.
  • 3. Detailed surveys.
  • 4. Rehabilitation examinations.
  • 5. Rehabilitation planning.
  • 6. Urban development planning.
  • 7. Brownfield sites, rehabilitation.
Additional Information:

The multi-temporal aerial view evaluation is an important component of the location reports and expands the knowledge of the historical-descriptive analysis. The aerial views provide important indications about the size, use and function of a given real estate property, in particular about the production, logistics and storage areas.

  • The aerial view research.
  • Combined aerial view and map analyses.
  • Aerial view and map interpretation.
  • Capture of the topographic layout and the spatial extension of the hazardous sites and the pollution.

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