Legal requirements of the Federal Soil Protection Act (BBodSchG), Art. 4, Paragraph 3:

The causer of a harmful change of the soil or polluted areas as well as the legal successor, the plot holder or its owner … are obliged to rehabilitate the soil and the polluted areas as well as the contamination of the waters caused by the harmful changes of the soil in such a way, so that no lasting hazards, significant disadvantages or … inconveniences for individual areas or the entire site persist.”

Services of GTPro Geotechnologie GmbH
  • Development of safety and rehabilitation concepts for the damages of the soil and the ground waters.
  • Conceptualization of proportionality-based renaturation strategies.
  • Solving the pollution problems by taking into account the needs-related and the legal planning consideration.
  • Professionally substantiated and regulation-determined rehabilitation objectives.
  • Disclosure of the residual risks; Preparation of rehabilitation agreements with the purpose of releasing by the authorities of the owner from the contamination risk.
  • Project control, rehabilitation measures, rehabilitation monitoring.
  • Preparation of rehabilitation final report.

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